24th May 2020

Albie’s Adventures

Albie, our school dog, has been visiting families during lockdown. Mrs Tarbuck, our assistant head and reception teacher, has visited hundreds of our families, checking in […]
30th November 2019

Trust Buys 4 Dogs

An academy trust has spent £12,000 buying a dog for each of its four schools, claiming that it is a more cost-effective way of reducing stress […]
20th April 2019

School Dog Badges

Visitors to SchoolDogs have been asking in the forum about having badges representing their school dog. Colleagues at TeacherButtons have made a couple of school dog […]
4th April 2019

Dogs and the Law

Owning and caring for a dog can be great fun and rewarding in many ways but it’s important you know about dog laws, in order to […]
4th April 2019

Take Care of Your Dog

Owning and caring for a dog can be great fun and very rewarding,but it’s a big responsibility and a long-term commitment in terms of care and […]
4th April 2019

Reasons To Have a School Dog

  In summary, academic research has shown that dogs working and helping in the school environment can achieve the following:- 1) Improve academic achievement 2) Increase […]
1st April 2019

Litter – It’s Rubbish!

When litter at Huntington school in York got out of control recently, staff managed to sort it out pretty much overnight – not by replacing detentions […]
30th March 2019

School Dogs on Channel 5

Should every school have a dog? One owner tells us that her pup Trumpers is “very non-judgmental, wags happily at pupils, looks up at them lovingly […]


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