Springer Spaniel
27th March 2019
Bichon Frise
28th March 2019
Bichon Frise
Springer Spaniel


  • Very adaptable and very versatile, just as happy living in town as they are in the country providing they are given enough exercise
  • Loving, loyal and affectionate, Beagles make wonderful first time pets
  • Low maintenance on the grooming front
  • Beagles are social dogs by nature and tend to get on with other dogs
  • They are good with children and show a lot of tolerance towards them


  • Beagles like the sound of their own voices and if allowed, will bark at every opportunity
  • They can be harder to housetrain than other breeds
  • They will follow their noses if they pick up an interesting scent
  • Beagles are quite independent by nature which can make training a little more challenging