Bichon Frise

28th March 2019
Cocker Spaniel
28th March 2019
Cocker Spaniel


  • Highly adaptable and incredibly cute
  • Playful well into their senior years
  • Bichons are low shedders
  • Highly intelligent and in the right environment easy to train
  • Not high maintenance on the exercise front
  • Often have long life spans with some Bichons living till they 17+ years old
  • Forms strong ties with owners and families


  • Hates being left on their own
  • Bichon often suffer from separation anxiety
  • High maintenance when it comes to grooming with Bichons benefitting from being professionally groomed every 4 to 6 weeks or so
  • Can be difficult to house train
  • Bichons often suffer from allergies