French Bulldog
27th March 2019
French Bulldog


  • Reliable, trustworthy, the breed is well proven
  • Labs make wonderful family pets and have an affinity with children
  • Good natured and dependable
  • Great around other dogs and animals because Labs are social by nature
  • Always eager to please which makes Labs relatively easy to train
  • Low maintenance on the grooming front
  • Labs form strong bonds with their families, but can be taught to be left on their own


  • Labs need a ton of mental stimulation and daily exercise
  • They shed copiously throughout the year with yellow Labs shedding more than black Labs
  • Labs can be overly enthusiastic and bouncy especially when young
  • They tend to be a little “mouthy” which needs to be gently curbed when young
  • Puppies can be naughty and boisterous