Yorkshire Terrier

Golden Retriever
27th March 2019
Springer Spaniel
27th March 2019
Springer Spaniel
Golden Retriever


  • Wonderful companions because they are so loyal and affectionate
  • Great watchdogs because they think they are large dogs in a tiny dog’s body
  • Yorkies make great family pets and when well socialised are good around older children
  • When well socialised, Yorkies are generally good around other animals and pets
  • They are extremely intelligent and quick thinkers
  • Always alert and lively, never dull
  • Yorkies like to be on the go and kept busy
  • They are easy to train because they are such smart little dogs
  • Not demanding on the exercise front
  • Thrives in a home environment


  • Can be yappy if not correctly socialised at a young enough age
  • Yorkies don’t like being on their own and suffer from separation anxiety
  • Can be overly protective at times
  • Not the best choice for families with toddlers or very young children
  • High maintenance on the grooming front
  • Benefit from being professionally groomed several times a year
  • Can be difficult to house train