Top School Dog Breeds

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  • Positives Cockapoos have lovely natures They are highly intelligent and therefore easy to train They have low to non-shedding coats They are energetic and playful They […]
  • Positives Cockers are a nice size and adapt well to apartment living They are lively and playful Good natured and even tempered Good around people and […]
  • Positives Highly adaptable and incredibly cute Playful well into their senior years Bichons are low shedders Highly intelligent and in the right environment easy to train […]
  • Positives Very adaptable and very versatile, just as happy living in town as they are in the country providing they are given enough exercise Loving, loyal […]
  • Positives Loyal, affectionate and trustworthy Even-tempered and calm Versatile Wonderful with children of all ages Springers are the perfect companion dog for older people Highly adaptable, […]
  • Positives Wonderful companions because they are so loyal and affectionate Great watchdogs because they think they are large dogs in a tiny dog’s body Yorkies make […]
  • Positives Golden Retrievers are among the most reliable and trustworthy breeds around Extremely adaptable and fits in with most people’s lifestyles They remain very puppy-like well […]
  • Positives Good with children, but always supervised Very adaptable, happy living in an apartment or house Intelligent, easy to train but mischievous Good choice for first […]
  • Positives Reliable, trustworthy, the breed is well proven Labs make wonderful family pets and have an affinity with children Good natured and dependable Great around other […]