27th August 2021

Guide Dog Harness

In this video, I talk about what Jaeger wears when he’s out and about.
24th May 2020

Albie’s Adventures

Albie, our school dog, has been visiting families during lockdown. Mrs Tarbuck, our assistant head and reception teacher, has visited hundreds of our families, checking in […]
30th November 2019

Trust Buys 4 Dogs

An academy trust has spent £12,000 buying a dog for each of its four schools, claiming that it is a more cost-effective way of reducing stress […]
20th April 2019

School Dog Badges

Visitors to SchoolDogs have been asking in the forum about having badges representing their school dog. Colleagues at TeacherButtons have made a couple of school dog […]
9th April 2019

Excessive Barking

Some dogs get extremely worked up when visitors ring the doorbell, or when dogs walk by the house. Some spaniels and terriers bark at the drop […]
9th April 2019

Destructive Chewing

Chewing is essential for maintaining the health of your dog’s teeth, jaws, and gums. Puppies especially have a strong need to chew to relieve the irritation […]
7th April 2019

Come Sit Down Stay

Leashless-training methods are essential for pet dogs, because they are usually off-leash indoors. Lure-reward and reward-training techniques make training quick, easy, effective, and enjoyable for dogs […]
6th April 2019

House Training

Housesoiling is a spatial problem. Your puppydog has been allowed to eliminate in the wrong place. Housesoiling quickly becomes a bad habit because dogs develop strong […]
6th April 2019

New Puppy

Before you get a new puppy, make sure you know exactly what kind of puppy to look for and how to raise and train him. If […]


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